Sunday, February 21, 2010

Family Time

Despite the fact that I have such beautiful parents :) Heh. Well dessert at Lygon Street was utterly satisfying! Here are some snapshots taken at Lygon Street. (: It's been awhile since I went anywhere... I guess with school and work piling up everyday of the week, it is nice to go have some relaxation in an exquisite cafe. It's become somewhat like a tradition too! Whenever daddy comes home, we'll sure to go to Brunetti for cakes and ice-cream (:
While walking to Brunetti just before, there were heaps of skimpy short skirt girls along the street, and oh-my-gosh how that made me feel sooo.. Sooo.. self-cautious. It made me wonder...(apart from how badly I've got to lose weight) along the scale of homeless people, partying people, and the studying people... Obviously knowing that I'm part of the "studying" group, I began to wonder... when will I ever start partying? LOL. It is a rhetorical question. But the urge to go partying keeps steering in, especially when I'm about to turn 18. :) Yes indeed. Well... My day will come. For those who work hard now, shall party later...


*kRystLe said...

work hard, party hard. All at the same time baybeh :)

Sherry Ng said...

well u cann..
but me..
now's not my time BABEHH :D