Sunday, March 7, 2010


Lol. This is not an advertisement to this website, and if anything at all... Don't ever go on it! Despite that it could be.. "somewhat" fun... lol... There are a reasonable amount of "freaks" out there... a.k.a Pedophilias? Anyways.. It all started when Sarah Wong told me she met the Jonas Brothers early this year on Chat Roulette. I mean... a proper conversation with them?!!?!

Sarah Wong "... Aren't you Musos? "
Jonas Brothers " Yes we're the Jonas Brothers.."
Jonas Brothers "you are cute"
Sarah Wong "Why you guys on here"
Jonas Brothers " studio"
Jonahs Brothers "Boring"
Sarah Wong "Shouldn't you guys be running around, going nuts with the ladies"

Hence we went on a hunt for... the Jonas Brothers LOLOLOLOLOL

Hello Smexy...


"Eh, Pretty alright looking"


"he seems happy"

"wow.. he is.. goodlooking.. but.... what is he WEARINGG"

And that was how it went with our hunt for the Jonas Brothers.


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