Monday, March 8, 2010

Long Weekend (Jansen's 20th)

Stolen off Facebook :D
& Moving on....
Hello everyone! Yes yes, lastnight's party was a blast! It was nice stepping out of the VCE realm and into some fun and partying for abit. Although my life pretty much revolves around VCE, a highly routined and scheduled lifestyle. Last night was an exception. (: Bec and I decided to bake ze cake for Old Man Jansen (:

Melt Lots of dark chocolate and butter

Add brown sugar :D

Melt Melt :)

Pour it in the big circle

Burn the brownie *on purpose* :)

Get rid of the layer of burnt brownie

Stack chocolate ripple biscuits with whipped cream

Partying at Jansen's :)
Bec Hu and I
Cupcakes which me and Bec Hu made.

Skittles Chocolate Ripple Cake ;)

Beautiful Kim-Anh and I
Min Li and I
Dean Harris Dani and I

Tom and Jerry :)
Candice ;)

Joanne Candice and I
Jansen, Birthday Boy!
Laughs Out Loud ;)

Chris Lee!

Shona Tan :)

Birthday Boy!
And these are camwhoring photos from lastnight :)

It's not everyday where everyone's looking all glammed and groovy :) especially me!

A night of party and fun, and today we're back to homework and studies.. hopefully I won't go downhill and start dazing off again! :) I'll make sure of that. Anywho.. It's been an awesome weekend, but with Monday & Tuesday off? Wow. Even better. ;) More time for homework...


Have an awesome day everyone!

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