Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jumper Designs

The finalized copy of my contribution of the year 12 jumper design. Colours will be decided if the design gets voted through. But seeing as others have done an awesome job. :) The decision comes down to students of Waverley Christian College, 2010. I guess in my perspective, I've done my part in designing the jumper and as a matter of fact, I'm very very proud for achieving such design within the time frame of 3 weeks. & If it doesn't get voted through, oh well... as long as I've contributed... and it's not based on purely my opinion, infact the public has the higher authority. Hence, this will be the final post on School Jumpers :) Students will also be required to vote on Wednesday...hopefully mine goes through, but if it doesn't :) I've still gained the knowledge of "fashion" design? :)


DZ-07 said...

I vote the second one :D
although the font of the name
could be more stylized xD

Sherry Ng said...

Yeh, I could change it but that is only if it gets voted through :)