Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nerdy Update

Nerdy Update!

howdy everyone! :) How's life going? Boring. Lifeless. Hectic. Nothing much?

Tell Me About It.


Well if that day ever happens to you. Always keep in mind that....

There's always something to live for

Cliche? Well that's ze truth :)

Life's kind of hectic at this stage, with SAC every second day of the week, I'm currently completing a 5 period SAC for Maths Further. Unlike last year, this year actually matters! Hence, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going... It's true. But But But, besides just living to work, theres something better to live for...

In Chapel today, I was really really challenged. To Love people just as God loved us. It's challenging to love unconditionally, without putting a tag on them. I guess... I have "sort of" labelled a couple of people whom I've never really had a connection with. Those "I don't usually talk to person" or, "People whom I don't associate with" I've realised that within a period of time, I've kinda build up a wall between me and those around me. I've had some self-reflecting moments today, and... as weird as it might sound... I have realized that some people I've allowed them to be part of my life, and some I have not.

It's all part of life as everyone would say... But the truth is, evitably.. It is part of life. The downside of life, for not being able to love people with God's love for us.

Thank You, God for sending your one and only son for us..

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