Friday, March 19, 2010

M.A.Y.B.E's Birthday!

So the M.A.Y.B.E's include of... Matt, Allan, YiFu, Benny, and Chris Lee"EEEEE". See the emphasis on the "E" for Chris? :) Maybe today's their birthday... then again... maybe NOT! ;) Benny's birthday was two weeks ago, Matt and Chris' birthday was last week, Allan's birthday is tomorrow and Yi Fu's Birthday is next week! :) Guess who's birthday's next week too? HINTS*
Maybe it is their birthday...
Cutting the cake! :) Tiramisu it was...
Yi Fu :)
Allan, Matt, and Zac widjaja's birthday in December lol
Another YiFu momento :)
Happy Birthday You All!
hope everyone liked the cake ^^


Unknown said...

wtf? O.o

Sherry Ng said...

Those are spammmerrslalaas
Eggsnore Handy :D
Ignore hanley.

Thin said...

I so totally know what you mean.
I am fat and weighty, but I will have sexy curves in the future.