Saturday, March 13, 2010


Thank God It's Friday post indeed!
Hurray! I've accomplished half of the task I've set out to achieve today.. It's still an achievement nonetheless (: Although I did kinda slack off as soon as I got home. :) Today's been pretty much umm.. relaxing? Seeing as it is Friday.. & It's completed my Maths Cheatbook for the upcoming SAC. More Homework to complete tomorrow. fyi VCE does suck all the youth out of us teens. kinda depressing.
Yep, incase you didn't notice. Today is "Ramble On & On Day" ! A couple of my friend's birthdays just passed, and oh my goodness.. being an awesome friend that I am.. I've bought them nothing! That should be in my to-do list along with, short talk for Qi Qi, Index Cards preparation, Studio Art folio and exploration proposal, Refining Visual Communication and Research and Inspiration.. the list GOES ON....

I hate when everything starts to fall outta place.. I thought I had it in control for a moment... but... turns out I was wrong. Year 12 is soo hectic busy. & I'm blogging away on dancingcanvas...
Well on the brightside, The year 12 Jumpers are officially up in the study centre, soo whoever wishes to have a preview of the jumper shall be able to see it first thing nextweek. :) Colours haven't been decided for "my" design but others have done a pretty swell job indeed. We shall see how the voting goes next week. :) I'm super exhausted. I need God. I need to start praying again...


It was exactly a year ago when I took these photos at the Immagration Meseum. Oh how I miss that place, it's been awhile since I visited meseums, galleries and such... Is there really no time to spare this year?

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