Saturday, March 13, 2010

Three Things In A Box

In preparing for my sisi's short talk, I thought seeing as my little sister and I haven't been doing much art and craft lately, this would be an awesome opportunity to show me off to her fellow classmates & be able to work together as sisters in creating an awesome project! :)
Yes Yes? Indeed!
Hence, we started short-talk shopping for a cheap cheapy cardboard box.

Our 1.99dollar worth of Box! :)
Home-Made Glue
Tearing Off strips of Newspaper
Oh Oh, forgot to take some photos of the toilet roll process..
But you get the picture ^^
Tadaa Qi Qi's amazing island box!


DZ07 said...

such an awesome islandd

you should make those
and put them around yo pool ;D

Sherry said...

lol :) thanksss DZ 07 :)
See ya in 2 hourss!