Thursday, April 1, 2010

Term 1 hols!

Here's a video I've compiled :) It's nothing big or extraordinary...

A gift from the heart to those people who matters in my life :)

Though I know I should really be studying at this point of time, given that it is VCE and every second loss is a second wasted. But at the moment too.. I've been rather emotional? Emotionally unstabled? This feeling of leaving highschool and not being able to see my friends everyday of my life just somehow gets to me.. It's for a fact, inevitable. But sigh... What to do, what to do? I'm just soo... sad. lol. Nothing major to be depressed about really, infact it's a pretty silly & rather ridiculous reason seeing as there's bigger things to worry about at this moment- VCE. I should really get a move on... Epic failure.. I'll miss my friends for sure. Noone's aiming for my course at school, well not that I know of anyway.. I'm not so certain myself of which path I'm heading towards... It's all in the hands of God.

As for now, I'll get back to homework in a jiffy.

Shall update later, or perhaps tomorrow.

Bye love.

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