Friday, April 2, 2010

Spinning round and round, right across town

As shown in my previous post, holidays been truly outstanding... though little homework has been completed... I guess I've had my fair bit of fun throughout the last couple of days. Friends whom I treasure, and current exhibition which was a must-visit in the city. Life's been fulfilling at it's best, given that VCE is our main priority in year12. I'll be getting a move on tomorrow, must must must! jiayou!

Both Top Designs and Top Arts exhibition are on in NGV and Melbourne Museum. They're all free exhibitions with truly outstanding talents! :)

With the past couple of days being both a drag and really self-awakening...

I've been rather caught up with personal unresolved feelings... It's not the best time of the year, really... "VCE VCE VCE" echoing from the back of my head. I've been so caught up with highschool graduation, leaving school, marriage, "the one" in my life, developing strong friendships with peers, (fyi none of the above are more important that VCE) I've been so so caught up with just personal issues. It's rather unneccessary, Although... Without all my unresolved issues, I wouldn't be standing here today typing up this blogpost and sharing my story about... The importance of VCE, and distractions will always be coming our way from every direction..

Love my friends, Love my close friends, Love my closer-than-close friend, Love my family, Love God.

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