Saturday, April 10, 2010


Here's a brand new label for my blog! iBlog.
My friend and I has always loved to rephrase the word i in iPhone or iTouch or iPod into words that occur in our everday lives... iStalk, iLove, iLaugh, iPoop. lol. (made the last one up!) Well I've decided to label this post as iBlog. iBlog will be filled with camwhore photos of me taken at 2am at night, more of a diary post, a reflective piece, or just to blabber on and on and on... (: random blabbers to keep readers entertained!
As for today... Here is.. an interesting fact.. as some of my close buddies might already know... it's sometimes high-larious to put it outthere.. flaws and what not.

I have a lazy eye! (: I've previously posted up a couple of posts about my lazy eye ages ago, and if I do say so myself, this lazy right eye of mine is rather extraordinary... (: You often wouldn't come across any photoes of me with my lazy eye... only because.. with the help of contact lens to keep em both functioning normally. (: Hence in the two photos above.. ones with and the other is without glasses... as soon as I take my glasses off.. it's as though this right eye of mine goes travelling elsewhere and never comes back in focus again.. whereas all my attention would directly be readjusted and purely focusing on my left eye?... YAH-MAN. I'm THAT special. :D

There's nothing much happening within the last couple of days... studying at the library, stress fracture in my lower back, major tummy aches.. Honestly, today's been an utterly unproductive day... I woke up with a sore back, had period cramps this morning... major bad tummy ache yesterday.. All I was capable of doing was.. working on my english oral presentation.. standing, sitting, lying on my bed, everything that i did... was soo (mind my language) frigging painful.. all I felt like doing was.. sleeping and praying that this pain would just go away... as soon as possible!

Which it has... :) Now feeling heaps better... Here I am... blogging about how unproductive the day has been.. This blog is definately iBlog worthy. ! Another two more days before the school reopens, two more days to catch up on my homework, SAC preparation, and ACE-ing my Studio Art SAC! lol. Given that I haven't started my preparation.. these two days would be ultimate fun fun fun to get everything done, + my stress fracture back.

I'm in pain. So much work to do. No time to waste. No time to lose. Back still aching. What to do? What not to do?

Quote of the day everyone. A beautiful quote if reflected upon everyone.

How beautiful will ze world be?

“Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit"


Unknown said...

then just cover your right eye and that would help in getting rid of the lazy eye...

Sherry Ng said...

it's been even lazierr..
lazzaayy woman :D