Thursday, June 17, 2010

So ok, I admit movie+homework wasn't the best way to improve my studies... infact, it was a terrible way.. one sentence of english homework accomplished for every 30 minutes of movie.. clearly isn't the way to goo.. It is tough, I've pretty much loss the motivation to study, homework's a bore.. school's a bore...the only thing worth living in thie world is cuddling cosily *is that even a word?* under my electrical heating blanket. oki, not so much again.. I don't know honestly... Movies been rather addictive.. being much of a disney fan myself, and owning seven classic disney movies.. such a waste of time, especially when the holidays really arent that far away.. Anyway, apart from my continuos blabber on movies and homework and vce etc...
It is evident that I haven't been trying my best... therefore... *slaps* Snap Out Sherry Ng!
to be continued...


DZ07 said...

I'm gonna bug your computer
so you'll do more work and less movie

also I'll use all your internet GB usage on downloading for myself >:]


... whatever I do I do out of love

:) <3

Sherry said...

movie movie over the hols forshizzle :D