Sunday, August 15, 2010

The University of Melbourne Open Day!

Outfit of the day:
Nerd in vibrant varsity jumper and Nike bag pack...
Huge contrast in colour choice and bold one infact :)
Feeling like a kid again!
Master in Architecture
After attending the presentation of Bachelor of Environments, and Master of Architecture.. I'm almost certain that Architecture is the path I'm taking... Just the idea of designing a large scaled building and taking into consideration of the aesthetics of both exterior and interior of an environmental space really sparks my interest. It is a huge responsibility, but who's to say that I can't manage this? I'd really like to give this a try... and more importantly... be part of a culture that defines Melbourne cityscape. (:

"CRAP! something's at my window"
"It's... 'Gale' "
just an inside joke... lololololllers

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