Monday, August 23, 2010

Who would you rather be?

Mummy and I had a fairly interesting conversation on our way back home today....

The fact of having a family of five but with daddy living overseas, has brought us (mummy, me, and both my sisters) much closer, mummy tells us everything, and so do we... Despite the little PMS moments which we share... We're generally very open in terms of boys, studies, love, and most importantly, family matters.

On our way back home today, the conversation of Julia Gillard as Australia's very first female Prime Minister came about... I questioned mummy if she would rather spend her entire life striving for success, just as Julia Gillard has.. with a "partner" alongside her, but no children (correct me if I'm wrong with this, it's just an assumption) OR to be a stay-at-home-mum, sacrificing your life for the children, dedicating your time and life towards nurturing your children. A simple concept of loving someone, and to be loved in return.
Supernatural love for the family.

Her answer was.. "I'd rather dedicate my time for the family"

I've always thought otherwise, to achieve success from one's ability.. and to strive for a sense of accomplishment (just as my daddy has) I look up to my father, despite having daddy living overseas most of his life, and the memories we've shared throughout the years... have been very little. I know for a fact that he loves us. Despite the little memories we share throughout teenagehood... my childhood with daddy has been very fulfilling.

To be like my dad or my mum? Or be like Julia Gillard?

All I know is...

When I'm at the age of 60...... I want a husband, and my beautiful children beside me.


Dynamix said...

I just noticed how you started integrating (self explanatory) photo collages such as these into your blog

very refreshing ;) rawr

All I know is, when I'm 60 I'd want my husband and beautiful children beside me"

I know exactly what you mean :)
not that I'd want a husband
but I'm sure you'll get exactly that :D

Krystleng said...

Awww I see i've been included in the 'family' picture collage :)


Sherry said...

ofcourse I LOVE YOU!