Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New this, New that, New Everything!

An update after awhile since I've been away. I know I did mention about updating my blog more frequently and yet again, I've been occupied with everything else and my focus was no longer on blogging but setting up a range of platforms that could potentially be developed for a bigger purpose for my future. However as I was updating my other blogs DancingcanvasArt&Craft, Sherry'sJournal, I stumbled across a new Stats tab on my homepage. (Yes, been retired from blogspot for a long time) and surprisingly so, I have been receiving comments from my previous blog posts and feedbacks from a few people. Although it might not seem much due to my lack of updates on blogspot, but I do appreciate every comment and every follower on this blog because it shows that you are or were interested in this blog sometime in the past; Unfortunately I haven't been able to stick around often enough to realise these things until it's too late.

However just a short update on everything exciting that has been happening recently and the reasons why I have been away for so long and my plans to end 2011 with a Bang!

I still love art, I still draw, but I design more nowadays, and I still like chilling...

New layout on Dancingcanvas Art and Craft:

Dancingcanvas Art and Craft is yet again very exciting as I watch my students grow to enjoy and appreciate art as much as I do. Every week different activities are thrown at them to think creatively and imaginatively. A lot of the activities involves independent thinking from brainstorming of ideas along with patience and the right guidance. Dancingcanvas is a place where children can scribble and make mistakes and we will all embrace every students potential and inspire them to be the best that they can be.

New Hobby to Keep Me Occupied:
Despite the hustle and bustle of life, every girl needs to take time off for some rejuvenation. and What better way to rejuvenate your soul, than shopping? Shopping has been an excellent alternative to occupy my time and it is very rewarding if I say so myself!

New Blog for a Project:

Yes I am completing a Bachelor of Environments course and majoring in Architecture, with designing, urban , and natural environment taking up most of my time at home.. thankfully.. one of my subject enables me freedom in creativity... art...and the opportunity to be childish!

This is a video my and my friend compiled. I was responsible for the background and he was in charge of the character design. It was sooo much fun! :)

Everyday is a new day... be sure to make the most of today!


kat said...

hi sherry!
how's your holiday going?
i love the video you did with you friend, i can recognise van gogh's starry night in the picture frames haha. and the top with the lacy-back (your shopping?) and students card-designs are very cool :-)
i have started playing piano with a singing teacher's students (no longer teaching piano) and it has been fun, and learning new pieces for the year. you might like 'rhapsody in blue' by george gershwin, because disney made an animation to go with it in the movie 'fantasia' (try youtube).
god bless,
and lots of love, 'kat'

Unknown said...

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