Thursday, October 18, 2007

decision making-stress

it is logical & certain that as you grow older, its expected to have more responsibitilies. and you are responsible for your own actions. it's simply life? everything has a certain balance.. you receive wot u've earnt and you earn to receive. either way, noone wud be satisfied by the end of the day? everyone hopes for something far greater than wot they've put in.

hold up! nuff with the whole logical thinking baloney! :)
wagged yesterday.. omg sherry wagged! well aint my fault since i didnt have much of a choice ;( had sports (72mins) & recreational sport (72mins) no way was i going to school with 72+72mins=??? of sports lol. walked to the gym instead, work'd out for a whole 6 hours :) woop woop :) and ate the same amount as i got bak! lmao, jeez man, this is whyy i havent been losing weight and alice loss fkin 2 kilos without even going to the gym. jeebus. ur officially in mi hatred list.. alice georgiu! :(

where was i about the whole logical thinking gobbledygook?
yesh, planning to move schools by the end of the year.. the choices i have, the decisions i've gotta make, the responsibilities i'll havetha take,& the freedom i'll have..
plus, my previous report was suchaa disgrace, im not showing it to anyone! :)
therefore sherry's...


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