Sunday, October 21, 2007

we can be seen as someone who is both ourselves & very much not ourselves. -a special kind of double :)

before going to teh gym :)
feeling kinda dull today, probly cos i havent been out in ages? havent texted anyoneee in like forever? (due to confiscation of fon) [whats a teenager without her mobile?] :( jeez even my beloved sister went for swimming with her mates. ##!@#?!@# its a sunday jeez ZOMGOSH immaaa gonna die due to boredom. seriously, thinkingg about it's making me wanna cryyy.. yes, i agree i've made a commitment to doo well this term, but that doesn't mean i've gotta be locked up in the house 24-7? and obviously, i dont have a "leave me alone" sign stuck behind me bak now do i? so why's NOone freakum calling me on the weekend? :(
and then it hit me...the "leave me alone..." sign WAS stuck behind my bak.. unfortunately.. that wasnt just it "....due to $700 fon bill"
~save me, im going nuts

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