Thursday, November 15, 2007

So very very Tired, can't be bothered blogging.

though it's the only thing that keeps me company.

been at home and tutoring for the last couple of days, and for some very very odd reason, i've been feeling rather dizzy by day and even dizzier by night. but appetite still remains the same? damnit for that.

where's my bffl gone?


had my first personal training session today, and must i say.. my personal trainer was pretty hot. :) lol. getting side track here, oh wells... *drools* lmao, trainning went pretty good, heaps of harkwork involved.
school didnt go too bad, ohmyfudginggosh! cara has'nt been at school all week.. bummed around at strategy games, and went on about this guy who puts on make-up to school apparently wears eyeliner? foundation? and bronzer? *gay alert!* :)

& this goes into my art folio :)

mucked around with paint after sketching.finger painting

i call this piece~the tree of life ;)

~sketch&scribble days

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