Saturday, December 1, 2007

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bus'd to glenny todai and sent out mi resumes :) *fingers crossed* i guess i simply havetha hope for the best for the time being.
bumped into nat and vanessa at the bus stop, and later on visited steffi at happy cup..
yeh, pretty much sums up mi day for todai :)
zomgosh, high school musical 2 was on tele.. yee,although the storyline was "predictable", and too much singing involved ;S sherryberry enjoyed the movie overall :)
A movie can never go wrong as long as vanessa ann hudgens and zac efron are in it!

never ever :)

photo editting ;)

Natalie & Vanessa
a.k.a-enough to turn you green with eNVy :)

nerdlings :)

~wish me luck for tomorrow

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