Sunday, December 2, 2007

Monash Gallery of art-masterpiece in a day

speaking from a 15 year old's point of view, yes. it was none the less a good experience ;) yet petrifying. Seriously, i had absolutely no idea there were gonna be 50 year old profesionals participating plus knowing im the youngest to participate in this category? *faints*
despite the profesionals, there were infact some who *swap'd* their artwork during the competition,, yes watch ya backs "oldies" cos thas my tricky for next year! jks ;)
competition went for an exact 5 hours, yet i couldnt get my piece done? typical sherry.
here are some miraculous (big word, for big masterpiece) artworks done by the paticipants.

a special thx to beautiful lyn jiejie :)
the reason of why im here today, my hero.

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