Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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lunch with Joanna Lo :)
was totally last minute but overall an awesome day, spent with J.lo
bummed around at glenny, and talked heaps. seriously i havent talked this much in forever! nor have i bummed around with my chink friends, took photos at photoplus (the usuals) then went finding for coloured printer, bus'd to knox after (zomg its been exactly 6 months since i last went there!)
all it takes is 2 girls.. and the conversation could go on forever.
common topics brought up in a conversation between us girls were boys, family, over-protective bfs, boys boys boys boys boys..

however no,but "What do u wanna be when ur older?"Now this question has been going through my mind every so often, it seems as tho its has been my official *pick-up* line.jks :) No doubt this would be asked atleast once in every generation,once in a person's lifespan, once u've been hit by the question, thas when u realize ur not far from becoming an adult, gradually holding up responsibilities. not just physically & emotionally but mentally maturing as a person.

~it takes great strength simply to answer such question

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