Sunday, May 11, 2008

Currently Multi-tasking with Homework & Blog..
but before i go any further, here's a special thanks to all the hawt sexc mommahs on earth!
i reckon,they deserve.. a medal for being such patient loving mothers as they are.

not just any medal, but one with diamond, pearls, crystal sequins (:
childrens are pampered,
teenagers are disciplined
adults are adviced.
"the chidren deserves the best" As most would say, but for today is opposite day! (: ALL mum deserves not only the best, but the best of the best!
A life without a mum, would be a life worth nothing at all. (not literally, but mother figures will do) As i was flipping through a book on 5 love languages of Teenagers earlier, it was proven that most teenagers in society today are badly influenced due to the lack of family's support and care. Who could blame them, returning to a home they no longer are familiar with. A life with family crisis faced in their day to day life. Sometimes if only my parents were more like my friends, most teenagers would think.
But how about seeing from a mother's point of view, raising up multiple children, a teenager who doesn't listens. A husband who does not return. No doubt, It's difficult to be in a teenagers position, but ever did we once think of this in our mum's position?
I admire, respect, value my mum for who she truly is.
A strong-willed woman, one who's often seen under the spotlight, known as the underdog. I truly appreciate every little things she has done for us. Though this isn't the life she intended to live, but for our sake, our future.. she's sacrifieced more than enough to be here spending her time with us. Within these three years of tolerance, i won't deny our communication skills haven't been as effective, causing a clash to occur.. Yet, still tidying up the mess i left behind, food ready as i got back from school, constantly reminding and looking out for me. These are the little quirks that makes my mum, my mum.

therefore, we prepared dinner!

chocolate, cream cheese & coffee cake!

profitterole cake

celebrating mothers day with smiles on their beautiful faces (:

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