Sunday, August 10, 2008

As I look down towards my stomach, the most "unexpected" thought came in mind,...
"I've gotta Seriously, Honestly, Earnestly, LOSE this belly of mine!"
how come?
Just because... the opportunity lies ahead of you, it's your choice to take it or leave it.


was just yesterday for crying out loud, how often do you come across such properous date? Once.
Needless to say, if your asian you'll get it.. If you're not, tough luck.
Groundbreaking, history making for the nation, & for the world. Though I'm not a big fan of sports, but i am indeed a fan of colours..breath-taking moments like these. Since everyone would've seen these photos by now. isnt the ceremony spectacular? pausing for a moment.. looking at the republic of china.. A night of celebration before tears are shed, champions are rewarded, winners arent heroes & losers certainly aren't zeros.. A night with all nationalities reunite as one.

A thought forming to an idea, an idea coming to life. Must've taken a whole lot of effort, realizing their success lasted merely an hour plus, but treasured forever in the heart of china, more importantly, the hearts of us citizens.

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