Saturday, August 16, 2008

So here I am, sitting comfortably & blogging away...

on a Saturday evening...

Visited grandpa at a welfare home in Donvale this afternoon, seeing my grandpa in such condition, filled with depression, having the thought of leaving the world. It's sad actually...
tearing yet still holding his emotions back, putting on a fake smile just because I was too.
which reminds me How do you cheer someone up when their age has been beating them down? (mentally beaten down)
"Are you afraid of looking at me?" he asked.
Immediately thought to myself, I'm not afraid to see you in such condition but guilty.. of how little time we spent together, and how little time you have left.
Seeing my grandpa struggling in pain, a pain which cannot be cured by any form of medication. Brought tears to my eyes as I saw tears pouring from his..
~tears escaping from a fully-grown mans eyes

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