Saturday, February 7, 2009

Old School Pictures :)

Hello, the Dead speaking. (:

Heaps has been happening these couple of days,

but I'm tired.

....too tired...

Goodbye pretty posters.. ):

Yes, Mummy's planning to sell this house off, and we're all moving to the "other" house just down the street, So... technically, I'll be 10minutes walk away from my current place. :)

& & & I'm making every Saturday, Sherry's Old School Picture Day!

It's really inspiring, seeing how much I've grown as a person, and how little photos we do keep these days, (all stored in the computer) & as soon as we get a new one "BAM" All our photos go down the drain...

It's also one of the reason why I absolutely love posting up pictures on my blog, if anything goes wrong with this computer, I'll always have my backup blog pictures to refer to :)

As not many of my friends know much about me, or my history, or my life. since I've moved one too many times, from houses, schools,to friends; Really, it is a new begining everyday, new encounters, new opportunities, and ofcourse, a new day.

But Before I move on with today, leaving all these beautiful memories, it's nice grasping to the ones worth remembering, & never disregard your family & friends. (:

Learn to appreciate?


Krystle Ng Jie Jie said...

Ling was sooo cute wen she was younger! (shh it doesnt mean she isnt now... but yea. hehe)
And Qiqi looks so much like u too!
=D cuteee!


dz07 said...


cos I can say no more =P

Sherry said...

Ahaha, She's turned from beauty to the beast
oki :)