Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The experiment continues...

Equipments needed:

Whitening Bleach


A pair of gloves

Bucket of water



These itchy fingers will never be satisfied.

Bleach it once, the black jeans turns brown.

Bleach it twice, brown jeans turns reddish brown;

Bleach it again, reddish brown jeans turns orange red.

I now own a pair of orange red jeans! ;)

A couple of accidental mistakes were made from my first and second attempt. However I eventually started getting the hang of bleaching as I worked my way through the third time..

Note to self, never pour the bleach onto the jeans straight from the bottle. As It'll leave patches of white stains, rather than the colour you were trying to obtain. Instead, pour some onto your gloves, then rub your way through the jeans to create texture and the colour shade .

Or you could perhaps pour some whitening bleach onto the sink along with lukewarm water, soak it overnight and the lighter shade is then developed.

ignore the bushy eyebrows.


Experimented on some make up this morning. I've never really knew how to apply make up since.. ever. Although I do enjoy watching make up tutorials, and have been questioned a number of times on why I watch make-up tutorials? yet have never attempted on experimenting it myself. Hmm.. that got me thinking.

I guess.. make-up to me is somewhat similar to painting? the difference between them both is, one's on canvas, and the other is on the skin.

"Once creative, you're creative in every aspect" Mr Matinez.

He believes so, and I can agree to some extent? Mr Matinez a visual communication teacher, freelance designer, songwriter, and singer/guitarist? Me on the other hand, I enjoy all aspects of art, whether if it's drawing on paper, expressing through movements, singing, and even "face painting"

Make up is a form of face-painting, in my perspective. Reasons for applying make up are...

to accentuate ones bone structure

brighten some areas of the face;

bring depths to some part of the face.

And most importantly,

it defines who you are or the image you're hoping to portray.

Therefore this gives us more reasons to play around with make up. (:

You'd be surprised.

Bahahah. I only had white eye shadow for this.

the others were merely liquid eyeliner and blush. :)

"pout" like a fish..

National Gallery of Victoria.

visited TOP ARTS 2008 at the national gallery of victoria today, top arts is basically all the top artworks done by VCE students all around Victoria, students who completed Art & Studio Art VCE in year 2008,works which also stood out from the others.




are the words to describe their work.

I am utterly speechless, double click on top arts to take a look for yourself.


Long Lost Cousin said...

Sex on stick haha

Sherry said...

Is that meant to be a compliment?

Wear, Show & Tell said...

woman... have you been going to SCHOOL!!!!????

Also... as your conservative cousin...COVER UP :P I can see your boobs!n bad tan line

Sherry said...

Ahahha, that was parent teachers interview day :)
So day off for me ;)
and yes grace jiejie!
*quicky covers up*