Thursday, June 3, 2010

Two is better than One

Thought today I'd combine two posts in one... (: My studio art artworks as well as the newly designed signboard which will be displayed infront of my home! (: Well it is rather exciting, very exciting infact... Given that I've been taking a short break over the past "couple" of hours... This would be an excellent kickstart to begin my homework as soon as I'm done updating the blog. Soo... what's ze up? Besides everyone cramming in last minute studying for their upcoming exams (excluding me) I've been rather alright.. both my folios are handed in, next up would be producing final works, and visual communication architecture. VCE is rather hectic, but I'll be fine... (:

I've erased my street address, but apart from that.. this design will be printed in large scale and displayed infront of my home! (: How awesome! Hence, if anyone is interested in coming for art and craft lessons, feel free to email me at Have a nice day!

*~Shower Power~*

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