Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Architecture Models

Artists who knows their Maths

Above are a couple of photographs taken from Monash and RMIT Open Day.

Being in Year 12 we're not usually exposed to the construction and structure of the architecture; In Visual Communication and Design, as a talented broad bunch we are... They are some aspiring automotive designers, graphic designers, artists, fashion designers and product designers... We are certainly a quirky bunch. As for me, still juggling between Architecture and Art... I guess I'll find out at the end of the day wouldn't I? I love Architecture, as my new found interest... It's the understanding of space in an Architecture; the "level" of thinking in the formation of Architecture, building the foundation and continuously manipulating the structure of the sculpture.. It's so complex and enticing, there's always something to learn... and there's my expressive other half, - Art. I love Art, whether if it's the Art of fashion, paintings, design, card-making, recycled art... It's that moment of solitude and stillness, whether if it's lighting up the children's faces in a short couple of hours, or painting for a sense of peace in my heart, or exercising the creativity of the mind... I'd love to do both, but there's only a couple of months left to make that change...

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