Monday, August 9, 2010

Molding like a Vegetable

Molding in my bed over the past couple of days, when I'm not out for dinner or attending open days, or teaching the children art... Yep, I'll be molding in my bed...

Caught the flu since Thursday, and it's been getting worse ever since... especially when I've been busy gathering information at RMIT, accompanying a friend cos he missed out on Inception last weekend, and having fun with the kids. Today I'm feeling a whole lot better, missed a day at school to have some more rest time in bed...

Another three more months, and everything will be over... high school will be at end for us all, and if lucky, university, it not.. pathways... or worse? straight off to work... That's my perception of the worst case scenario. (But others are welcome to say otherwise)

Today, our Year 12 jumpers finally arrived!
Look what it says on the back? DANCINGCANVAS!
& off I go everyone, I would seriously hope to end up in a University next year, seriously.

Church design which I am currently working on.

It's time to take a rest,

You're very special (:


gingerlady said...

OMG sherrzz! i hope yaar feeling a whole lot betta
and yes your soo talented, i bet on my oldest sister grave u'll get in uni ^.^

Sherry Ng said...

and yes.. ur sister is reading this.
bet "she" wouldnt like it if ure gonna be betting on her life. LOL