Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into

~soft pastel

its fascinates me of how people get put down so easily,its somehow akin to crushing an ant along the roadside. & it fascinates me evenmore, as i've been dishearten by mi fellow mates while i wasnt even at school. lol. such lil confidence i have, and such lil faith in god.

plus, why should i even be bothered by such childish comments such as:

"ng,what sorta lastname is that?

"ahah, cant believe u went out with her"

lol, funny isnt it? i was put down but such immature comments. guess i wasnt thinking straight? but its true..ng isn't a "fashionable" last name at our school & only uneducated people cant pronounce em. :) guess i've just gotta soften mi heart, and accept teh fact that u cant always please everyone.

and about the 2nd comment? lol. HI-LA-RIOUS. when u dump someone, i guess ther must've been something wrong with either u or ur partner. in my case, lol. obviously...

*need i say more?*


"opinions are like armpits... most people have them and most of them stink"

quoted by:alethea wong

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