Monday, October 29, 2007

in the meantime, while im gone ;)

here's a vid from aussie idol. natalie gauci

oh my gosh, how awesum was natalie's performance lastnyte,yayyers! great timing to step up her game :) *thumbs up*

well before starting off with teh exhibition :)

behold,a certificate lol. laugh along with mii *mohahahaha* :)

sketches of combinations of different animals.
mines teh one in the far right :)

sculptures :) mines the far left

looks familiar? lol. the one on the left

beautifully done by the yr7s

yr12s masterpiece

simple but eye capturing. yr11s

[the ones that stood out above all]

winning prize

surprisingly,materials i was short of.

camwhored as we got home. shalalalalala *speechless*


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