Tuesday, October 9, 2007

last term, last chance to set things right

last term
last chance to set things right
anyone who's up for a oh-so-interesting blogpost, keep searching.. somewhere else but here :)
lol. 1st day of term 4 has been nth but ordinary i must say, apart from me listing a whole list of targets/goals/aim for this term..
sherryberry's finally come to her senses ey?after slacking for the last couple of months.. having absolutely no interest in studies, but her looks?her figure?having fun with mates? everything a teenager worries about.
she's finally made up her mind of wot she truly wants, nd giving the credit to daddykins. :)
for a traditionally-minded china bussiness man, (lol) he's really good at giving advices and pointing out the things worth doing or the other way ard, i geddit..all parents are alike, they go on nd on repeating everything they said 2 mins earlier..i felt the same ab my mum too, however, this times different since my dad's speakinggg! how often do i hear my dad giving me advices? lol once every hmm 4-5 months? lol. and whenever we've got our "family talks" a.k.a meeting, u just wanna sit there for hours listening and taking in his every word.
(no offence, if any of use find this offensive)
i've decided to transfer u to a school with more asians, as asians are more competitive in academics. and listen closely, 5 years from now, u'll be competing with the asians not aussies anymore. since more migranes are migrating here.. plus, they've got a weathier background than i do, and also brought up to be more competitive. in order to survive in the world we live in, u have to study,concentrate and put in all ur effort
don't spend ur time on things that arent beneficial. whats the point of chatting with ya mates all day? where's that gonna bring u? so what if your the most popular person in school but failing in ur subjects.. i assure u, those ppl wouldnt be the ones driving the ferrari by the end of the day but the others who work'd hard for it will. not bad for an old man ey?
advice from nerd petrol daddykins :)
sherry's target for term 4
  • hand in my homeworks on time!
  • look & feel great for summer! ;)
  • getting more artworks done
  • helping out in the family
  • DO some good deed everday
  • learn to put LESS makeup, getting addicted to it's a big nono :(

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