Sunday, November 25, 2007

& the winner is..
Natalie Gauci
Life’s pretty unfair if u think about it, a glorious, gorgeous person could easily be forgiven however an ordinary person has to try twice as hard to achieve. Get the picture?
Unfortunately, it’s just life, but thas infact how people judge
Somehow, they just soaked up all the beauty?
(the above is completely irrelevant from idol)
have been slacking off lately with art & gym & everything else that matters.
oh well i'll be having a day off from school neways, prolly make up the time by then? ;)
~brainwashed by the world we call "hollywood"
have u ever felt desperate in need of inspiration, but it never comes to you no matter how hard you seek, and when you do, another problem comes in. difficulties of putting your thoughts on paper, maybe Im just not meant to draw? Plus, theres millions and millions of gifted artist out there. jeebus, took my time to figure that out yeh? unfortunately. Joined deviantart community/website thingy recently, and you'll be amazed of how much talent there is out there..
in such ways you cant possibly imagine, those who express themselves through music, writing, art, dancing.. i look up to you, honestly..
had a walk in Jells park today, looking for inspiration, such peace and tranquilt..
sucha waste that i couldn't put in on paper, not even 1 sec of it. (geddit?)
& speaking of artists, someone who caught my attention from her appearance on idol. surprisingly, I've never really notice her existance on tele nor on mags, just some pretty-looking person that can sing i have to say, thas how i thought of her (then) till i looked her up on youtube, jeebus!
this person really does have the *omph* in her music, the *omph* that moves people, the *omph* that could get people through their day, the *omph* that has the impact to effect people in such way..
a legend

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