Sunday, November 18, 2007

Time is like a handful of sand- the tighter you grasp it, the faster it runs through your fingers
an escape to paradise :)

went for a 2 days trip to great ocean road with the family nd family friends :)

camwhoredd-zomgosh, are those fats or muscles i see? :]

qiqi & i

aww jensen :)
view from our place :)

sisterly love

daddy & baby chimp ;)

bestest cooks around

lamas were found too?

miserable photographer never gets her photo taken :/

"this means war!"

your hands are mine to hold, now & forever.

daddy and i

simply gorgeous

capturing this moment, the joyous amazement of hers.

hayley wendy and i

group photo!

honey, we'll be having this for dinner

perhaps bigger??

never ending ocean..

death-bed of the day.

its getting ratha late :) hopefully i'll be able to update 'bout my trip & thoughts by tomoz,
love sherry
guess who's back? :) sherry's back from lifestyle fitness.
yesh, mi laptop & camera are officially confiscated again. no surprise on that one, seeing that they both play significant roles in my life. in a teenager's life to be specific, seriously! every second's worth capturing & World Wide Web,sooooo.. addictive. need i say more?
anyways, it was practically burning todai due to the unreal 32 degrees, had a water fight and eventually got told of
"we're facing water retriction ladilalalalaaa"
a girl just wanna have a lil fun thas all. :(
had mi booklist and subjects chosen today *woop woop* one thing's for sure, i'll definately be enjoying year2008.
  • studio art
  • english
  • math
  • visual communication
  • essential science
  • art
  • multimedia art & design
  • health education
  • a cook's tour

smiles all around~ unfortunately i had to choose between multimedia art and design or photography.. and i chose multimedia instead, also i'll be able to muck around with mi dads camera when he passes it on to me. *evil grins*

great ocean road was sucha blast, the picturesque scenery was breathtaking,also having the opportunity to feel/taste/see in the eyes of lighting mcqueen when he drove by the hills and fountains. (lol,one of the scenes from cars) seriously got me thinking!

there are two kinds of people, ones the one who concentrates on teh road, and the otha's enjoying as they's compulsory & the others optional, yet if u look deeper, two sets of completely different people lead two utterly different lifes. one's able to live without a passenger, but noone could live without a driver. such person who holds such responsibilities, burden, works their butt off for the satisfaction of others, too holds the power to make the judgement whether to stop or go, speed up or slow other words, the life of the "passenger" lies in the palm of the driver. ones received, shall give. ones given, shall be rewarded.

~the world's equally balanced

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