Wednesday, November 28, 2007

missing mi retarded face,yes? :)

alice georgiu & i :)

blogging for the fun of it. Guess what? i just realised, i havent blogged about crap in quite awhile.
"crap" that involves- sherryberry whining about her weight :) (fun,fun,fun!)
was reading my diary/planner recently, although we've been told about living healthy pretty much everywhere in australia due to obesity crisis :) its nice to be reminded once in a while ;)

important notes listed from mi school planner *health nerd?*

  1. give you a reason to do hard things that help you suceed
  2. answers to "why am I at school?""why will i get to where i want to go?"
  3. because i want to!
  4. without goals to strive for you just drift along.
  5. be positive and think honestly about you life.
  6. being able to set your goals puts you in control of your life.
  8. Tips To Healthy Living!
  9. ~live life to the fullest
  10. ~feel good aboout yourself
  11. ~how active you are
  12. ~what/how much you eat
  13. planning your eating diet:
  14. eat every 3 or 4 hours [small nutritious meals] this will keep your enegry up.
  15. no single food contains everything you need, try planty of different food.
  16. beneficials such as: bread, cereal, pasta,yoghurt,milk fruits water! (satisfies thirst much better than soft drinks)

dont miss meals because it sends you mixed messages.

Sports & Leisure

  • clears your mind
  • reduces stress
  • develop skills
  • improve fitness

it is easy to delay doing somthing, why do you procrastinate at times? Afterwards you wish you have done it immediately. Often people delay starting work because they want to do it perfectly or pay more attention to detail.

when studying/working out, you feel like putting it off. Talk positively to yourself, i can do it! i will do it!

when you've beaten procrastination.

  • you'll feel good about yourself
  • a true feeling of satisfaction and pride

WORDS TO KEEP IN MIND: commitment, determination, persistence, overcoming obstacles,prioritising, health!

new motto: you have a choice!

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