Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A good ending,brings about a good begining
& im glad i did. (:
Last night was sucha blast, zomg..family gathering, Honestly it didn't matter as much that we missed out on fireworks.

from left: grace krystle alethea hayley & i

lol our private dresscode : vest

might seem abit late to say this but, i cant believe year 2007 has ended ==" & a new year has begun, though its a fact that everyones a year older now, however it's also an opportunity for all to start fresh. tweak, correct, & redo life as their liking. major corrections needed in "my" life, you know wot they say "a new year, new begining, new resolution"

noone said this year would be easy, they'll still be ups & downs like previous years, but to have a fresh start, really does motivate me, encourage me to do better in life. (:

alcohols we had. :)

asian foooood

aljiejie me and krys jiejie



cousins till the end of time ;)

grace the bartender


didnt take long till...

we camwhored :)

all the girls in teh housee

tequila shots

birthday cakeee :)

cousins :)


camwhoring once again =="

funny faces :)

gimme some LOVE

smilee ;)

some sort of alcohol?

ohemgee, someone looks drunk.
(which i obviously wasn't)

dancing p.i.g.g.y.(ies)

lmao it was way beyond her bedtime.

anyways, im back from dinner y'all, party lastnight was incredible. lol, points at the pictures above.. it tells it all :) played some sort of card-alcohol game, wiii tennis, and singstarrrr. woop wooop :) singstar champions here we comeee! :) sang till 4.30am though our voices were husky, it's one hella of fun time we had.
1st of january
shalalalalaaa.. i've finally watched the movie everyones been going on about "Enchanted" all actors suited their roles i reckon, and it was a smart way of starting it off as some fairytale cartoon. aww.. im still in the "dreamy" mood atm.. who could've thought of such storyline, well i wudnt've.. and im surprised that guys wud be embarrased to watch this movie.. disney movies are awesome!

~1st january 08

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