Friday, January 4, 2008

wotta eventful week it has been :)
2nd of january-a visit to the quacks and moooos (lmao) sounds more like a farm than the zoo. (rawrrrs? perhaps)
& introducing...

wasn't much in the mood for dress up, plus the "bobby pin" just made me look twice as retarded. However,ive gotta leave that on in the time being due to massive bad hair cut. grrr *stares at mummy*

melbourne zoooo :)

nice nipples :)

qiqi & mummy

interesting to look at?

meeee :)

butterfly shots

grrr.. dont u just wanna hold on to herr & never let go


giraffes looks better in cartoons i reckon :)

cutest kangaroos alive
3rd of jan-
dinner @ crown
lol, thas all for todai. lmao, aprt from bumming at crowns and window shopping at fcuk. up to 75 discount peepz! grab while u cann :) played mariokart lmao, not as easy as i thought it wud be, came 3rd & 4th overall against alethea krystle & grace :(

ballerina wannabees

& also my loved ones

all it takes to turn mi frown upside down :)

gingerbread housesss :D


process of opening a present

let ur imagination gooo willdd :)

krystle almighty

grace the fire breathing dragon?

a lil sunlight's all we need :)

too cool for youuu

still dreamingggg..


back from the deadd *rawrrr*

we'll always be together as one :)
looking through these photos seriously got my wondering, we've got a pretty strong bond there don't we? through out my 15years of childhood, i havent once seen us argued about anything big,perhaps barbies or other minor issues but never big,& as we grow older.. our maturity towards each otha's grown.. and i guess its a matter of time where you just have to self-experience, and progress from there.. ;) buh i glad we've grown to be "not so bad" afterall :) lol.

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