Friday, January 18, 2008

had a call from fiona at effing 8am in the morning, lmao.. and before u know it.. she appears right infront of the door? lol in her PaJamaS? awesomeee ;] bummed at home for awhile then bus'd to glenny ;) met up with pris && jacobb... ;)

though we're from an entirely different background, revolving in an entirely different orbit, mixing around entirely different groups of friends. but keep in mind hun, i'll always back you up ;)

i'll miss you heaps fii :(
don't you dare forget me when ur at qld
today's been alright overall i guess, though everything was pretty much unexpected. Someone shop-lifted, yelled at the poor-old bus driverrrr ;( aww poor baldy* , guess this is wot it feels like in a day with fiona&maytes. [zomg im startin to bitch arent i?] well this IS technically my blog, & i do have the rights to speak out loudd.. without having to be blamed forrrr, so yesshh..
moving on.. smoking, spitting at public property, eating like a bugga.. was obviosuly not the life but mee.. thas what i mentioned earlier i guess.. me+fiona? dont always see eye to eye, buh.. that doesn't mean we can't be friends ye?plus, there are some advantages to friendship.. we'll know a lil about each otherr.. i'll continuosly motivate & care for herr.. as she could "show" me the other side of ourrr society. lol if that made sense, the society outside of church specificly, the reality.the issues.the cause of all chaos. ;) and with god strongly having faith in me, i doubt i'll be easily pressured/influenced..

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beautiful soul ;)

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