Friday, February 22, 2008

HillsongUnited concert @ citylife church
was absolutely inspiring :)
praising god, worshipping, realizing how much i've missed out by not appreciating him.
and for a moment there, tears fell from the corner of mi eyes.. taking in every word from God and a deeper understanding of the world.. & how the visible are temporary and the invisible's what matters..
anywho.. my weeks been alright overall.. been through ups and downs here and there.. once every 2 days lol.
the Highlights were.. me realizing the world That god created the world so utterly beautiful. plus i've finally coped with the unbearable rules and learnt to live life the way god wants us to live, a realization of basically everything.. friends come and goo.. wcc has the best school environment imaginable, feeling free to praise god without having the impression of "mental illness" feeling free to just.. attend chapel, churches..satisfying my hunger for god's love and words.
However, though the school enviroment has been nth but amazing.. friends werent as nice i thought they would be.. no offence to anyone.. they werent being as nice nor rude.. and i guess.. it takes time to get close to everyone.. plus, they've all been friends eversince kinder.. lol.
yeh.. been feeling left out around the girls lately, not the guys? surprisingly...

i've always thought of coming to this school as a priviledge.. to live and grow as a christian believer.. learning more and knowing him as my God. going to school each day seemed most satisfying, knowing i could take in everything as everything was beneficial :) no loss in learning the words of god. Unfortunately, friendship wise.. isnt going too well i guess? mightve overexaggerated.. who knows? but thas basically how im feeling at the moment.

after seeing life & school as meaningless as it is for 3/4 of my day, && going to united's concert.. helped me heaps both personal and spiritually..
noone on earth has the ability to please everyone, noone on earth are sinless apart from Jesus..
"take take take it all" "i live my life to you" random phrases which inspired me.. life doesnt go the way we hope it would, however what makes us different from us and none believers is.. we could take our fear, worries,sin and hand it all to God, as he knows whats best for us..
~no slave can serve two masters.

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