Friday, February 15, 2008

nicest things that i can have,
best thing i can be
been awfully sick lately, though its valentines day & everyone pretty much has their hands glued to their partners, with heart-shaped chocs, fluffy cute teddy bears, pink heart shaped balloons, multicoloured roses.. unfortunately life doesn't always go this way for "some" of us. *cough* me, ;] However, sherryberry had the priviledge to spend Valentines with someone special :) 3 special someones specificly, but just one to emphasis on atm :) *drum rolls*
Krystle Ng mei ee
unfortunately we havent had a proper photo taken together, [record breaking moment]&& she's leaving me for tassie tomoz :( sighers, after sucha short period of time.. we hardly got to catch up :( oh well, cant afford to waste nemore timee so.. krys jiejie & i went to chaddy earlier this afternooon, lol ate heaps.. at koko black, fried dumplings, && pancake parlour" wooop~here comes the calories, came back. lol got into our rooms, minded our own bussiness.. lol *cough* catching up with mates timee. :]
have a safe flight tomorrow hunn :)

did i mention alice georgiu walked all the way from the glen to visit me?lol thas a total of.. 2.6miles :) lmao. once again, sherry feels so loved on valentines :)
4.12am :)
first day of vce 3&4 in 4hours.

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