Monday, February 25, 2008

~cooler than you
As i mentioned earlier in the previous blog, :] working at michel's patisserie wasnt as bad as i thought i wud be :] sundai didnt go as bad as i thought it would be either!
woke up at 8.30, got ready for vce 3&4 chinese, [major achievement for sherry, if u've yet to realised lol vce 3&&4's only for yr11s and 12s] anywho.. did some preparation sacs from previous years, easy peasy :]
went straight to michel's patisserie, got told what to do & what not to do.. lol, as if im gonna hand the coffees out without spooon and sugar, *cough* had to remember the names of the cakes/pies/slices etc etc.. grrr :] and for a moment there, i had the slightest thought of giving up, i know, unbelievable. Even on the 1st day..
"why should i even be bothered working if i've got everything i need?"
unfortunately, the answer was clear.. "to be independant" "to begin spending your own money without having to scab it of your parents" got told that i'll be working for $9 per hour :] by the end of the day.. woopwoop~
got home, went straight to bed while others were watching bucketlist :]
went to wavoz again, got a refund from 2 tops i bought for work lmao. 2 for $20, whatta rip off!lol, yesh sherry bought it right before work and returned them back the next morning. :] bus'd to brandon park, bummed around then walked back ;] && surprisingly somoene planned to go to chaddy without me knowing and turned up infront of my house asking if i was ready? lol stares at alice && valeraa. lol
bummed at my place again, =.= watched so u think u can dance, while the others watched i am legend :] camwhored till 10.30 :] random random random photoooss taken but a whole lot of enjoyment. :]
bad hair day! :]
alice&&i =chipmunk&&watermelon
look familiar? lol from mk&&suyin
a bundle of trouble :]

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