Thursday, March 6, 2008

currently 12.01am :] and since i have a day off tomoz :] sherry finally has some quality time for blogging. Not just for enjoyment, but flashbacks in the future.

been quite dreaded lately, yet still bumming around as usual (: lol, SAC's basically every 2nd day of school. first Infomation Technology, then English, and Chinese 3&4 on sat :( though it's predictable that i've flunked both maths and science test, but for now.. i couldn't care less.

Also, i would like to take this opportunity to.. express my passion.. in blogging. Yes, i've never used the term "passion", ever. it's always been a way to express both my depression and enjoyments in life. but never passion. since i dont blog constantly.. :] However, im feeling the urge the blog today.. the emotions stirring within me.. having heaps to say, about.. life :]

My life specificly, :)

remember when i kept praising Waverley Christian & how priviledged i was to be here. having able to share the words of God, learning about Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, life havent been the same since the last couple of days. I havent quite looked at it in that perspective, infact.. it seems pretty dull.. & somewhat meaningless. what more could have had such an impact that would change my views? friends.

earlier this morning, as i glanced around the room looking for my mate whom i've often hung around with. & "caught" him sitting beside the girl his got a crush on, yeh. In someways i was proud of his courage, my position. i felt as if i've lost a good mate, lol overly sensitive much? :] guess so.. but this often happens, in most dramas.. when a girl talks to this guy, and the guy gets over-excited and forgets about his bestfriend. Sounds familiar?

yeh.. that was basically issue no1

now [issue no2]

been pretty immune to emotional swing lately, i get frustrated with minor issues.. such as when my sister yelled at me when i was running late. mum told me of as we both got back from school, saying that she hates me..&& so on..

it's a normal reaction in a way, but holding onto such emotion cud not only hurt our feelings but mentally. Im still a loving daughter, respectful, and someone whom never talks back on the surface, unfortunately deep down, i feel as if i've lost trust in my mum and always being compared to others, yelled at. I guess deep down, Im thinking.. this is how my mum truly sees me?

Though that clearly wasnt her intention, and i gues she said it only to correct me from.. my mistakes. a clear "WAKEUP" call, however i couldn't possibly see how it resembles from point A to point B. How she possibly meant what she said?

ANYWHOO.. on the bright side :] 5 more days till i go on vacation..

Hence,in the time being.. :] lets try out.. some newbies :]

within the 5 days, i shall not eat,drink, any sugary products & products that consist of meat :]

you are your own worst enemy

Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

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