Saturday, March 1, 2008

heyheyhey (: noticed my new background? pretty awesome huh? *cough* previous one looked heaps better. Unfortunately, deleted my previous bg as i was randomly clicking through the templates :S But seriosuly this bg isn't that bad is it? (: like.. one thing i've noticed is the previous background i had had random looking girls posing stoned, besides the only reason why'd i chose it in the first place was only because of the vintage carrr :) *brroooom* (:

anywho my week's been pretty awesome i reckon, school went on as usual.. chapel was amazing since it was slightly different from the previous ones. sung songs, worshipped Jesus, randoms were preaching about god and how it reflects to our lives. However,this time.. we did it in class (: no massive halls with awesome music.. along with 1234566532 other people., but only a few of us in class.. praising & worshipping.

one message that really stood out for me was..

the story of the salt, the sun and fire..

we as children of God, should be the salt as it adds favour to the earth. the sun, as it sheds light upon the lives of others, the fire, as it burns our soul and fires us up for the love of God.

&& to think all these came from a couple of students from my grade. one word;; inspiring


alice & valera came over again ==' &&





Safeway shops!

& boy did we had fun

prediction: sherry's gonna get 0 on her chemistry test

fact: BIG "FAT" O right next to her maths assignment score :(

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