Saturday, April 5, 2008

Desire to Inspire

2 of my previous blogposts was on china && goldcoast trip, Though not much inspirational experience were shared. As i was focusing more on photos & my journey.. surface observations. However in this blogpost, i'd like to share my experience more precisely, from the very first day of my first, towards the end.
I somehow find it easier to type out these experiences and share my thoughts, instead of bragging the awesome places i went, dresses i bought or the food i ate. It all seem somewhat meaningless, as i am typing this now.. life's more to just expensive gifts, grand places, stunning dresses. But, more of some perspective adjustments.. gaining different viewpoints, comments, thoughts from different cultures, then reflecting ourselves, soon enough, applying it into our daily lives. constantly "changing ourselves for the better" as my dad always taught us.
Firstly i would like to point out, that China-Guangdong isnt all that bad,polluted, & uncivilised.. Though a reasonable amount of them are, but what strives them to act how they act, feel how they feel...
lack of goverment support perhaps?
hunger for survival in society?
greed for money?
lack of exposure?
4 of the points above are all strong and rational.. However, my personal gain from this is that i'm extremely fortunate to have all of the above.. Life isnt as simple as it seem, for most of us. We're certainly considered as the upper class compared to those whom are unfortunate, However we cant take that for granted, we're all human-beings,creations of God, God gave us freewill to have choices, a mind of our own. & having being said, the answer to the question above are the 4 points linked together. & Why would i consider myself as fortunate to be exposed to such distinct culture from my own..
"what dont kill you, makes you stronger"
if we were to compare ourselves to the higher class citizens, we're nothing but a piece of rock on the beach. However, if we were look at it the opposite way (which not many ppl would) we're much much more fortunate, than the ones below us.
Be satisfied, Be grateful, Be spirited!
Secondly, Macau and HongKong trip was absolutely relieving, from hectic lifestyle to a slight bit of relaxation, while helping my dad attracting visitors, in heels! and having sore backs all over by the end of the day.. wasn't wot i expected in my hols trip..Fortunately, had a 2 hour full body massage, which was FABULASTIC! && straight after the exhibition both my sister and i were infected with some sensitive skin disease. lol, thus we ended up looking like..

uhh.. speechless.

but one thing's clear, no way were we cancelling our trip for this!

though i have to agree, we were "the centre of attraction" through out the day, and yes several goodlooking guys laid eyes on us, but not for the same reason. once again "what dont kill you, makes you stronger" doesn't go as well for this occurence, as it was as embarrasing for us, than to face those ppl. Yet, by the end of the day.. we still had great fun, even with our breathing mask on. ;)

don't pour your money down the drain! (jks jks)

whatever your decisions are, no harm going for it!

16th Birthday (27th of march)

27th -back home

28th- off to Goldcoast

Everyone was busy packing and preparing for the next day.. & my beloved Krystle jiejie specially delayed her flight to Tasmania for me. Though everyone remembered my birthday, but i seem to be expecting more?had my hopes high for a surprise wotsoever, i dono. I guess I've been too influenced by the popular cliche "sweet 16" that i've misslooked the importance of family bondage, had lunch at yumcha. then celebrated my birthday at my aunties.. and outta the blues, tears rolled down from my eyes..

alethea :: omgosh, what's wrong? are you having your period?

I never knew i cared this much about my birthday, as i keep reminding myself.. it's just another ordinary day, no biggie. but the emotions inside of me, the dissapointment i had for having my hopes high, was devastating. Got told off a couple of times for feeling this way, no clue how the words spread though. been called immature, selfish, immature again, and some other hurtful words.

However, ;) like my dad said.. whose to blame for this? YOU yourself, for not treating people good enough, resulting them not to buy you gifts.

But clearly that was not how i felt towards this situation, i just hoped for the slightest thing, a present perhaps.. enthusiasms to bring me out. nothing more, but to feel appreciated.

treat people the way you want to be treated

note to self:: BE SATISFIED!

GoldCoast trip

One word "thrilling!"

I have to agree, roller coasters do look better in photos. On the day as i stepped in MovieWorld, unprepared.. visualizing bugs bunny and the gangs smiling in photos with me. Since it was called "movie world" NOT "rollerization"

It was nerve-racking at first, even getting on the sits itself made me panick.. and as it started moving.. i couldnt help but held up my hands yelling out, "No.. im not going on the ride..NooOOOooo" lol,& for the whole 2 seconds.. i shut my eyes as tight as possible, & the only thing i felt was flashes of sunlight,finally getting off the ride seemed like the best part.. However, thinking back on the excitement, worries, nervous system break down, all the emotions i had within 2 seconds.. was surprsingly rewarding. I've never felt this way.. ever. It amazes me, how brilliant roller-coaster inventors are, and i applaud regular roller coaster riders, for having such courage.

after the superman ride, the others seemed less daunting..So off i went, but still having second thoughts before getting on the rides, & at this very moment, as im typing this now.. I'm proud to have overcomed my fears, and containing that sense of accomplishment. though i'll still have second thoughts the next time going on such rides.. nothing could compare the feelings i had..from my very first thrill ride.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.

People are made of flesh and blood and a miracle fibre called courage

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