Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dear diary,
school's been awesome for the last couple of days, :) though i've currently stopped gym temporarily, i've also been having second thoughts on whether i shud continue with it.. Besides, mum's encouraged me to continue paying since I'm begining to earn my own money. Gym's been sucha great experience though, with pilates, REV, jazz dancing, aerobics, boxing etc etc.. it's a never ending list! ++ swimming pools, saunas && spas! However, after watching so you think you can dance australia (yes, under the influence of tv entertainment) i've begun to realise how much i've missed out in dancing.. It's always been my passion to dance, since grade 6's dance performance, yr8's choreography in preperation vce, year 9 dance & school production. I've always been self-taught "dancer". dancing out only my emoticons but hardly any technics shown. though my life's unlike the dancers on tv, dancing revolves around them.. it plays a massive role in their lives. but I am infact only planning to take it as my hobby.. So, here's my issue..
Is dancing 1 hour for $14 worth giving up my gym membership? It's always great to learn a new skill.. but sacrifiecing a 24-7 work-out opportunity.
(8mins walking distance) gym =$1.75 daily (12mins driving distance) hiphop=$14 hr
besides, Im only earning.. wot? $180 per month.

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