Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's the Last day of holidays peepz!
Hope you didn't waste it like i did ;)
however, let's not think of it as wasting our hols :)
instead, SAVING up energy for the coming term!
also remind ourselves of our new year resolutions..
hmm.. && how much we've "accomplished"
Well first of all, i've gott'n a job. *grins* Though however i HAVENT been reading my bible daily, eating "healthy" nor completed any artworks.
So, for this coming term..
i shall pull up my socks and get on to it!
On the other hand, it seems i've been striking off quite afew from my wishlist.
hmm thas good I'm guessing?
Anywho, hope everyone's been doing well with their personal goal+new year solutions, unlike me. blushes*
~no more fooling around, it's time stepping up!

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