Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's late at night, lol. clicking my way through random blogs.
blogs of my buds back in malaysia, though i havent had time to read each & everyone of their daily happenings, but pictures do tell 1000 words, fortuitously life's been pretty hyped up for them as well. As I'm typing this atm, just an imformant.. my day's been pretty tiresome, with chinese school & work & lol this,thus..please do not expect the unexpected. however, surprisingly i have the urge to voice out my opinions "again" (:
Started off my day with chinese school, and a surprise surprise 20/20 for chinese sac :) give thanks to the lord, caught up with afew of my mates. Though, everyone's unknowning changing and growing.. it's only right to keep moving forward & not allowing guilt to pull u back. Just because you've stopped talking to your bestfriend? you've made new ones and forgotten the old? Well like it or not, this is exactly how life goes. We'll only get along with people whom we get along with.. and once you've come across a clash between u & ur bestfriend.. its a 0.999% chance for u both to work things through. be rational!
work was awesome today, bimbotic tone kicks in "i know right...i can SO do this shit" honestly i've never been this enthusiastic for work, looking forward to serving customers, interacting with people from various ages..its awesome! just having a look at those smile on their faces enlightens my day instantly.
&& coming back from work with 3 boxes full of cakes & pastries, lol. again masive smiles from my family.. mohahaha* wot good deeds i've done in a day.. :D unfortunately, there's infact gains and loss in everything you do.. Though, i've came back with my weekly salary along with desserts however missing out on church? is that a price worth paying for?
I've missed out on church for 4 weeks now, although i go to a christian school.. however, there's a "feeling" inside of me, striving to know more about God, not just about God, but what he's done, why did he so love the world that he gave his only son? why did jesus came on earth & died for our sin? well answers could easily be found. But the true beliefs in God, why am i on earth? where do i stand? how can i resist temptation?

i crave for answers..
tq steffi for the gift :)

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