Thursday, April 24, 2008

how long has it been since i last went on the internet? :( Yesh heaps been happening within the 2 weeks but, i might as well just summarize it all up in a blogpost ;)

beep test 8.6 7.1 7.5 for those who have not heard of it, dont bother :]

chinese sac 20/20 wotta achievement!

watched spiderwick chronicles :)

went to vivian's partay, watched superhero movie! HI-LA-RIOUS

Happy Anzac Day! && I've finally made up my mind to go for hiphop lessons rather than GYM :)

cassie & i

both awesome Malaysians!

photoplus :)

group photoo + sherry the photogrpaher :)

Asian Pride!


guys saying Barbie Girl

josh &&i

cakes from me + vivians bf (:

happy Birthday vivian :)

asian pride!

yes, i've basically let the pictures do most of the talking. As 2 weeks had gone by so quickly, without the internet . Ive finally realised the importance of it. Nt jus blogspot itself but chat sites! Google! Myspace! Lol, absolute torture i must say. Anywho, im currently on my mobile atm,wouldnt kno how much it'l cost me, lol but blogging plays a huge role in my life. So *rolls eyes* basically, my lifes been pretty spiced up from the last couple of days, (: firstly, catching the wrong bus to school was somewhat interestin, and on the same day, bumping into my ex's a conversation wifout the slightest bit of awkwardness. (: it's interesting just observing the happenings revolving around you.. Why friends stopped talking, sisters being an absolute pain in the butt, peers gone bad to worse.. It's no doubt a huge responsibility trying to affect the ones nt just around you, but those whos thousands of miles away from you..touching the lives, you never thought could happen.. Sometimes, a cry could also be a confession to god, though heaps of ppl knows this fact, indeed theres still the same amount out there needing to be rescued, & this is wat makes us different

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