Thursday, May 15, 2008

attempting to be TB!
Had a day off from school today, thankfully. While everyone was enjoying the Macbeth play at school, I did my part (: & stayed at home completing my overdue homeworks!

~still getting there
photos taken today, whereelse but the glen.

wendy&& i

Since I've got a sac. test. outcome tomorrow, I'll briefly blog about my day, can't go into detail unfortunately, but i'll try. (:

First of all, I've personally witnessed an overwhelming incident today. As i entered the female washroom, these 2 women in their young adult years, gazing at a bottle of yellow liquid with a round lookalike marshmallow, talking amongst themselves. I couldn't help but eavesdropped, "you are sure, it's blue ye?" "hopefully" Though i know nothing about pregnancy, but looking at their faces, full with confusion along came joy. Capturing the moment, by taking photos of the urinated "testtube". It was indeed a positive! Rejoicing the moment, in a public toilet.. everyone gladly congratulated the lady then poured out with 23454321 questions!

Had dinner at maccas after tuition.

caught up quite abit, on our day-to-day basis.. how was life like in an all girls school? and life in mine? education? GUYS? a highly sensitive issue that uplifted the atmosphere...

*UPDATE tomorrow*

one's perspective towards,guys.

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