Thursday, June 19, 2008

clickity-click DEAR AUSTRALIA (:

work experience at michel's patisserie, not my ideal workplace to gain experience.. but it'll do. (: Day's been pretty tiring overall, which is why I'd rather blog here comfortably while listening to worship songs instead of working out..
though i seriously ought to be "working out" at the moment, from all the comments I've been getting..'s wasn't pretty.

You know you've gained weight when::
  1. you've suddenly stopped being called "anorexic"
  2. you no longer compare youself with anorexic bitches.Instead, having the mentality that your better than "average aussie women"
  3. " though Im not skinny,I am considered to have a pretty good figure" mentality comes in mind.
  4. Friends start telling you off by saying "well Just because your not fat, doesn't mean you've got to be skinny"

You know your FAT when::

  1. formal dresses look tremendously "ew" on you.
  2. you rather stuff yourself with food, instead of.. having the iniative to get up and run.

your currently reading this!

how much longer would i be able to live under this roof?

grins* It's time for a lil relaxation (: && by Relaxation, I meant blogging (:

As i look up at the ceiling, i began to ponder...

Why do i havetha earn/save up the money in order to get the things i want, while others merely talk their way through..

Why does everyone recognise me as being rich.. WHEN i cant even afford a simple camera.

Why are we struggling financially, when

these cars are gathering dust in the garage!
Funny thought,
I enjoy earning&&achieving rather than depending on others..
For once in my life, taking over the role of the elder, responsible sister.

deserving self-respect

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